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After sales service / Claims

Your package looks damaged? You must absolutely write it down on the transporter form.

Did you know? Signing when you receive the package means that you received it in a perfect condition. Since you signed, no complaint, replacement nor compensation can be requested.

You must open the package in front of the transporter.

-        If the transported does not want to wait for it, write on the form that the transporter was hurry and no control have been possible.

-        If the package is damaged, do not take it and write on the form that the package is damaged and that you return it to sender.

If there is an anomaly during the delivery: a missing product, a payment error, etc…

In any case, immediately contact our customer support. Do not wait for the next day to do so. We will do everything possible to solve the problem and find the best solutions.

The After Sales Service actions are subject to the General Sales Conditions, including the carriage-paid rules. The repairs guarantees are limited to the manufacturer or the importer guarantee.

Resending a product

No product can be resent to us if the customer support does not preliminary give its agreement. If it is the case, the support will give you a complaint number that you will be able to use for any correspondence with the society. Besides, no product can be accepted if the delivery is not prepaid.

No complaint can be made as soon as the sixth day (included) after the invoicing is reached.

For any product resend, this one must be in its original condition and package with a copy of the invoice or delivery form, and sent in a six days period after the delivery.